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Outreach Arm

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Outreach Arm is another arm under Godwin Olori Int’l Ministry
There is a hunger for the truth as everything else seems to be failing. We are seeing tremendous opportunities in these times to preach the gospel. The outreach arm of this ministry is into the following: –
*Radio & Television Programs (The Hour Of Revelation)
*Medical & feeding program (Touch A Life)
Every act of kindness is an act of worship to Jesus our Lord. As God has been a blessing to us, we will be a blessing to our surrounding community. The community around our churches is part of our local mission(s) field. We are not situated there by chance, and God has called us to also love and pastor their needs.

The goal of this ministry is therefore to help reach the community residents for Jesus Christ through love and good deeds. In simple terms, it is about touching hearts and building relationships with them in the hope that they will be confronted by the power of God’s love through our witness.

  • Church Planting & Missions
  • Crusade
  • Education
  • Special Conferences