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Godwin Olori Int’l Ministry a.k.a Revelation Chapel Int’l Churches is founded by Apostle Olori & Pastor (Mrs.} Juliet Godwin. A. A. in 2012. Apostle Olori Godwin. A. A, has been a part of the body of Christ for a long time.

In October 2nd, 2007 God spoke to Godwin in a night vision of people that are being robbed, plundered, snared in holes, hidden in prison houses and no one says, “Restore!” And the Lord said to Godwin, “GO!” “I am ready, I will be with you.” Raise for Me a generation of Priests, Prophets, and Teachers for global harvest out of this encounter with God came Godwin Olori Int’l Ministry a.k.a. Revelation Chapel Int’l Churches.

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